1. What can cause a delay in the processing of applications at ICASA?

    Incomplete applications forms – especially when Section 15 is not validated by a Commissioner of Oaths stamp.

  2. What Test Reports should not be included in the application pack?

    The following documents are not currently necessary, viz, EN 62311 and EN 50385.

  3. Payment woes

    To avoid delays please adhere to the following steps:
    3.1. The first payment goes toward the mandate given to Khabaria Communications to act on your behalf.
    3.2. As soon as Khabaria Communications validated your applications please make the necessary arrangement to deposit the requisite ICASA ‘s application fees.
    3.3. Please supply POP to Khabaria Communications so that we may acquire your Authorisation letter and/or Type Approval Certificate

  4. Label Requirements

    According to the current regulations, no products should be sold without the label affixed to both the product and the packaging. Khabaria Communications also offers label services.


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