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Khabaria Communications specialises in the equipment authorizations processes for both Regulators, viz, ICASA and NRCSKhabaria Comms inforgraphics

Process Flow

NRCS LOA (Letter of Authorisation)

The National Regulatory Compulsory Specifications (NRCS) is established in terms of National Regulatory for Compulsory Specifications Act, No 5 of 2008.

Compulsory specifications are technical regulations that require conformity of a product or service to health, safety or environmental protection requirements of a standard, or specific provisions of a standard. The LOA is administered by the NRCS.

Khabaria Communications will help you navigate through a myriad of relevant compulsory specification application process until attaining the Letter of Authorisation (LOA)

What is a LOA’s

LOA is required by all manufacturers and importers of products before to the importation or sale of the products. The LOA will only be issued after the successful evaluation of the proof of compliance is submitted. A memorandum of agreement between SARS (Customs and Excise) and SABS also ensures strict import control – no importer will be granted market entry into South Africa for products that fall under the scope of the relevant compulsory specifications unless they are in possession of an original and valid LOA for the specific products. The Customs and Excise official will also verify the physical LOA’s produced with the LOA database that SARS has real-time access to.

Khabaria Communications will diligently assist you throughout the process. Contact us for more information.

ICASA Type Approvals

Independent Communications Authorisation of South Africa (ICASA) is the ICT and Postal Regulator. ICASA is established by the following two pieces of legislations viz, ICASA Act, No 13 of 2001 (as amended) and Electronic Communications Authorisation (ECA) No 36 of 2005 (as amended.)

Section 35 (1) of the Electronic Communications Act

Approval of type – (1) no person may possess, use, supply, sell, offer for sale or lease or hire any type of electronic communications equipment or electronic communications facility, including radio apparatus, used or to be used in connection with connection with the provision of electronic communications, unless such equipment, electronic communications facility or radio apparatus has, subject to subsection (2), been approved by the Authority.

Khabaria Communications has the requisite experience, expertise and product knowledge to help you obtain your Type Approval Certificate or TLTE Authorisation letter within the stipulated period.

An ICASA Certificate will only be issued to South African registered entities. Khabaria Communications will assists you throughout the ICASA Certification process service.

Certification Services

ICASA can only issue a Type Approval Certificate or Authorisation letter if the required products meet the national standards as set out by ICASA.

For Equipment Type Approval please provide the following three sets of test reports from an accredited laboratory or Test House:

  • EMC
  • RF
  • Safety

Based on the evaluation of the test results, ICASA will either pass or fail the Equipment Application. Khabaria Communications will screen your application before submitting to the Regulator.

Products in the South African market landscape can be divided into ICT related, non-ICT and technical. The former products fall exclusively within the purview of ICASA while the latter is regulated by NRCS.

Both the ECA and NRCS Acts demand of any Vendor to obtain the applicable approval Authorizations before they offer to sell their products to the Consumers within the borders of South African.

Khabaria Communications is well versed with the applicable statutory and regulatory provisions of the two afore-mentioned Acts. We offer the following Certification Services:

1) ICASA equipment authorisation process (inclusive of both wired and wireless)

2) NRCS application process leading to the attainment of the Letter of Authority.


Khabaria Communications specialises in the equipment authorizations processes for both Regulators, viz, ICASA and NRCS. Khabaria Communications specialises in the Regulatory Certification and Approval of Telecommunication, IT, radio equipment, and electrical services in the Communications ICT Sector in South Africa.

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